Stress Sleep and your Brain

Stress, Sleep and your Brain

The diamond that will make you shine bright | Led by Heidi Crockett & Bev Roberts


Vivacious Living can be yours!

Is your energy at an all time low?

Do you have an achy, tired body with a short temper and fluctuating moods?

Are you ready to check out and take a nap...before noon?

What if you didn’t have to live like that?
What if you can take back your body, moods and energy and live vivaciously?

What if you could actually get inside your own head and change the way ?

Good news! You can!

Are you ready to unlock the secret power of your brain and release the energy and stamina your body has been missing?

Lucky you! You get to learn how in our Masterclass.

In this Masterclass, we will support you to create the space you need to let go of the energy drainers and harness the power of Relational Neuroscience* and Vitality principles to create good emotional health and enhance your wellbeing.

What am I going to get from this Masterclass?

  • The 3 must have well being elements that set you up for emotional health and relationship success

  • The triple threat vitality triangle that will release more energy and va-va-va-voom in your body

  • Uncovering the 3 secret brain tricks to create the life you want to live

Wondering what Relational Neuroscience is and why it can change your life? Take this Masterclass and wonder no more.

* Relational Neuroscience or Interpersonal Neurobiology explained by Dan Siegel M.D.

Note the price is in Australian Dollars

Heidi Crockett & Bev Roberts
Heidi Crockett & Bev Roberts

Heidi Crockett

Green light Heidi

Heidi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with post-graduate training in counseling and relationships through the University of Michigan. She is one of five AASECT-certified sexuality educators in Florida.

Stress management using a relational neuroscience lens is an area of expertise. She is also the Author of “Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue” and a professional speaker on stress and the brain.

Find out more about Heidi at Green light Heidi


Bev Roberts

Living Fabulously


Bev is on a mission to shift people from tired but wired to refreshed and energised. As a corporate escapee Bev has learnt that once your wellbeing is sorted, you can achieve whatever your heart desires and believes you will change your world.

As a wellbeing coach and change specialist, Bev does the deep work alongside her clients who are struggling with poor sleep, can't switch off from their world and feeling overstressed by supporting them to change their status quo in a lasting way, prioritise their self-care and live fabulously.

Find out more about Bev at Living Fabulously