Course Description

Have you ever felt trapped in your emotions? Your stress?

A sad feeling that won't leave your eyes and chest or a guilty, anxious gnawing that stays in your stomach?

Even the excited, can't-wait-for-the-morning feelings keep our limbs from being still.

Our emotions are powerful.

Powerful enough to keep us awake at night.

We need sleep the most after a day filled with emotions and stress that equal the volcanic blast that buried Pompeii.

Before you go to bed, why not put your stress to bed.

Ready to learn how?

You will. The masterclass with Brad Yates and Bev Roberts is going to teach you everything you need to know about Tapping* your way to Sleep Beyond Belief. 

This tapping class is so right for you if:

  • You want stress to leave your body
  • You've been hanging on to emotional baggage and literally feel like it has taken up residence in your body
  • You are ready to unlock the mystery that is stopping you from sleep
  • You want increased productivity, creativity and longevity

In this Masterclass we will support you to create the space you need to let go of stress and harness the power of Tapping* to enhance peaceful sleep.

What am I going to get from this Masterclass?

Brad Yates and I walk you through the ABC's of great sleep and Tapping* so that you can achieve:

  • A rested body
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved focus
  • Creative thought process
  • Regain relaxation
* "Tapping – also known as EFT, is a wonderful tool for removing the uncomfortable emotions that limit our success. Using this technique, you can gain the emotional freedom to truly pursue being, doing and having what you really want in life" Brad Yates

Brad Yates & Bev Roberts

Brad YatesTap with BradBrad feels blessed to be known internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques. He was trained and certified at the respected Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA, where he served on staff.Combining this background with training in energy psychology and various schools of thought in the area of personal growth and achievement, he coaches groups and individuals in achieving greater success, health and happiness in their lives.Find out more about Brad at Tap with Brad Bev RobertsLiving FabulouslyLIVE THE FAB LIFEBev is on a mission to shift people from tired but wired to refreshed and energised. As a corporate escapee Bev has learnt that once your wellbeing is sorted, you can achieve whatever your heart desires and believes you will change your world.As a wellbeing coach and change specialist, Bev does the deep work alongside her clients who are struggling with poor sleep, can't switch off from their world and feeling overstressed by supporting them to change their status quo in a lasting way, prioritise their self-care and live fabulously.Find out more about Bev at Living Fabulously

Course curriculum

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    • Sleep Beyond Belief

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    Bonus Audios for Download

    • Sleep Beyond Belief - Tapping Round One

    • Sleep Beyond Belief - Tapping Round Two

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    • Offer 1: Program Yourself for Success

    • Offer 2: Scent Sleep & Ritual