Scent Sleep & Ritual

Scent, Sleep & Ritual

Power of scent to enhance your sleep | taught by Julie Nelson & Bev Roberts

Course description

Turn your sheet wrangling into blissful slumber

Have you lost the ability to relax and switch off? Do you feel disconnected from what tired feels like for you?

Does this sound like you?

"Tired for me is a heaviness in my head, behind my eyes and slower to think"

"Tired feels like low energy, an achy body and a sore throat. Plus I have low patience and a short temper"

"Tired feels cranky but I don't know why I'm cranky, it feels heavy, and I lose all appetite. My eyes get dry, my throat feels weird... And I also stop listening to those around me - like I physically can't hear people"

Are you creating the pattern of pushing past the things that show up? Enough's enough I hear you say

You want to feel energetic, spontaneous, crystal clear and power through your day with joy and vibrancy

In this Masterclass we will support you to create the space you need to let go of feeling tired and harness the power of scent to enhance peaceful sleep.

What am I going to get from this Masterclass?

  • Using essential oils to create a connection to your calm, rested self
  • Selecting and using the best essential oils for sleep and relaxation
  • Increasing the benefits when combining essential oils with other modalities
Julie Nelson & Bev Roberts
Julie Nelson & Bev Roberts

Julie Nelson

Aromatique Essentials


Julie is an Artisan Botanical Perfumer and has 20 years experience in the natural perfume and Aromatherapy industry, thirteen of which she was a professional lecturer at two of Sydney's leading natural therapy colleges.

She has been featured in national publications like Pharmacy Trade, Pregnancy Magazine, Cleo, For Me, Body & Soul, Good Weekend, Sydney Morning Herald as well as health and beauty blogs and radio segments.

Find out more about Julie at Aromatique Essentials

Bev Roberts

Living Fabulously


Bev is on a mission to shift people from tired but wired to refreshed and energised. As a corporate escapee Bev has learnt that once your wellbeing is sorted, you can achieve whatever your heart desires and believes you will change your world.

As a wellbeing coach and change specialist, Bev does the deep work alongside her clients who are struggling with poor sleep, can't switch off from their world and feeling overstressed by supporting them to change their status quo in a lasting way, prioritise their self-care and live fabulously.

Find out more about Bev at Living Fabulously

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