6 Steps to Healthy Weight and Vitality

6 Steps to Healthy Weight & Vitality

Eliminate overwhelm and take control | taught by Melanie White & Bev Roberts

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Are you ready to finally get rid of busyness and overwhelm so you can feel vital, light and healthy?

We all know that anxiety gets in the way of healthy habits like clean eating, regular exercise and restful sleep.

What if you had a simple plan to carve out time for yourself while still keeping up with your work and family commitments, in a more present and calm way?

Make it Happen in the 6 Steps to Healthy Weight and Vitality Masterclass!

Here’s a hard fact. Unless something changes, NOTHING will change.

But right now you’re overwhelmed and feeling stuck, with barely any time or focus.

What if you could turn your life around, 180 degrees?

How would it feel to sleep soundly, enjoy exercise, eat effortlessly and feel ALIVE and VITAL?

The 6 Steps to Healthy Weight and Vitality Masterclass is your ticket to freedom.

Your hosts, Bev Roberts and Melanie White, will work with you to develop a simple, personalised action plan that feels effortless….with the resources you need to put it into action.

In the Masterclass, we’ll walk you through:

  • Six little-known myths that are making you tired, anxious and unhealthy
  • The ONE simple principle that makes it EASY to be consistent healthy eating, exercise and sleep
  • The 6 simple steps to achieving a healthy weight and vitality in less than 1 hour per week!

"My sleep is sooooo important to me. You smash myths about sleep. You see things we can't see for ourselves. You've helped me feel human again. I'm more energetic. All because you were unrelenting in your passion for our sleep. Thank you Bev." TC

Melanie, I feel very empowered. I understand a lot more about what effect nutrition has on my body. It’s been life changing.” AS

I feel like a miracle had happened. I have done so well over these three days…….feeling great, no cravings. I’m really enjoying feeling calm around food.” JE

It’s Time to eliminate your overwhelm and take control.

This masterclass is designed for you if you:

  • are always busy with kids and work
  • are over-committed to others, at your own cost
  • feel like you’re on a treadmill, with no end in sight
  • are ready to take back control of your wellness
  • have been struggling to be consistent with healthy habits
  • need guidance and a plan to make things happen

Information is one thing, but you know that implementation is EVERYTHING.

Bev and Melanie will show you how SIMPLE it is to take the actions you need to achieve a healthy weight and vital lifestyle.

Are you ready to take back control?

YES, I'm clicking buy now!

I’m feeling ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.... OMG... can’t believe it, I didn’t know I was feeling so much in a slump... I have a spring in step… WOW.. and understanding more about my body... I have no cravings, hunger and I have more energy, nicer (haha), bright and sparky....also, lost weight…” TB

"When I sleep well, I feel fit, energised, clear of mind. A consistent sleeping week has a better result on the scales as well. When I don't, even if it's still 8 hours but I was late to bed and I didn't wind down effectively... I'm fuzzy. Low vibe. Easily distracted. I eat more. I crave high-carb foods. I get less done. And if it's more than a day or two... my weight creeps up again." TC

Melanie White &  Bev Roberts
Melanie White & Bev Roberts

Melanie White

Downsize Me

Create a positive relationship with food and yourself

Melanie loves working with people who want to get off the dieting merry-go-round for good, but aren’t sure where to start. She helps you work through your barriers and limiting beliefs so you can eat healthier and feel better about yourself and your body.

Melanie is a Health and Wellness Coach and Metabolic Typing Advisor who helps you really understand yourself and your body, so you can write your own rules for healthy eating - for life

Learn more about Melanie at Downsize Me

Bev Roberts

Living Fabulously


Bev is on a mission to shift people from tired but wired to refreshed and energised. As a corporate escapee Bev has learnt that once your wellbeing is sorted, you can achieve whatever your heart desires and believes you will change your world.

As a wellbeing coach and change specialist, Bev does the deep work alongside her clients who are struggling with poor sleep, can't switch off from their world and feeling overstressed by supporting them to change their status quo in a lasting way, prioritise their self-care and live fabulously.

Find out more about Bev at Living Fabulously

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